With the advantages of glass

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-09
1, it is important to note that after the first open a blower, a heater. After first pass heater, turn off the fan. 2, when the glass thickness change, must adjust the upper hand knives of high and low position first, or you will cause damage accident. 3, before the stop transmission motor, must put the speed regulator dropped to zero. 4, with abrupt stop button on the console, in case of emergency, can be used. 5, the glass must be put in feed zone limit range. 6, to wash water tank and water, the water level cannot exceed 250 mm, timely to add water when the water level is less than 200 mm. For daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine is very important thing, always observe the movement part of the machine at ordinary times, water system, wind system, electrical system, stop the engine immediately in case of emergency. 1, bearing and lubrication for lubricating all lubricating points in time. 2, waterway system maintenance cleaning section water is for the use of loop. Tank should be changed every day in the water, in order to ensure clean water clean, clean the tank once a month and filtering device. By cleaning period of the observation hole on the cover can be monitored, if found to have jam phenomenon, then stop the pump to open the box cover, remove the water spout, dredge cleaning after installation. 3, shunt system maintenance regularly check the operation condition of blower, stop immediately in case of abnormal sound, report to the maintenance department to check. Every two months will be clean air inlet filter grid, to keep the blower room clean at ordinary times, in order to avoid dust inhaled wind road, pollution of the glass. 4, sea water system as shown in figure 3, is composed of two tanks only four sets of circulating water system. Detergent box should be neutral glass cleaner with PH = 7, the last line of the appropriate glass rinse with deionized water, the water directly influences the quality of glass surface cleanliness. Washing liquid temperature control in 30 ~ 60 degrees ( Temperature control device for the user should bring along their own) 。 System as shown in figure 4, 5, and the wind by the fan out of compressed air through the air to upper and lower cold and upper and lower air knife and the distance between the glass surface can adjust, change the thickness of the glass, must pay attention to adjust the clearance. 6, installation and adjustment, 1) Field conditions should have 380 v ac power, industrial tap water, drain. ( 2) As shown in figure 7, right put feed frame, cleaning section rack, drying rack, discharging chassis frame, control cabinet and ventilation.
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