Winter indoor heat preservation, the window how 'tight'

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-08
Around since November, starting to cool: the north more cooling rate reached around 10 ℃, the lowest temperature dropped below zero in some places, a new low in the second half of this year to the face of much colder weather, residents begin to pay close attention to the indoor heat preservation problem: situation 1: the northern residents, liu said the north although indoor heating, but sometimes the doors and Windows sealing is not good, cause the heat leak, waste of energy. 'And the north wind in the winter, always feel sitting by the window blow breeze to blow, can be cold. I have carefully check doors and Windows, but there is no why. 'Case 2: the southern resident miss zhao is introduced:' the south winter is cold, and there is no central heating, so it had to shut doors and Windows in the home, hope a little heat preservation effect. 'But now ms zhao dwelling house was built ten years ago, the window is single-layer glass, thermal insulation effect is very poor. On how to enhance the heat preservation effect of the window, ms zhao is a misery. Glass beveling machine we found that not only liu, miss zhao has doubts about how to make doors and Windows sealed, heat preservation, many residents have these doubts. So what's the solution? Find out the problem and make efforts to remedy to the problem of ventilation users can good to feel the location of the inlet air, there are generally two kinds of situations: one is the glass of the window and frame joint sealing strip aging, shrinking gradually in the long-term use, makes the gap bigger and sealing of door window whole variation; Another case could be loose wall, window frames and wall body between the sealing degree is reduced, cause the wind from the crack. If it is the first case, the building materials market to buy sealing strip, then installed on its own or contact professionals. Its installation is very simple, the glass sealing strip is rubber, insert card slot on the edge of the glass, when changing only need to use a screwdriver to pick out, then the new sealing strip in and out. If the second case, the user can contact professionals to come to make gum, or myself. Specific methods is the junction between the box body and wall body after simple cleaning, glass sealant in the box body lateral type, the width of the rubber in the 5 - shall be maintained About 10 mm. The above two situations, the more common, should be the first one is aging sealing strip. It would depend on matter how good the sealing strip, some good quality doors and Windows sealing strip is also used in the high quality, long service life. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone in the installation of Windows and doors will choose the more formal the doors and Windows at the beginning of the enterprise, so as to ensure the quality of using and using life. Replacement Windows, enhancing the effect of heat preservation Windows, there are a lot of old house use or single-layer glass, heat insulation, heat preservation effect is not very good, some people may by adding more layers of glass to achieve better heat preservation effect. Here, four-way machinery co. , LTD. Jinan remind everybody: if in the original glass add on the box body, converting the original single glass double deck glass, one is the profile card slot may be different, the second is the weight of the increasing of glass Windows, Windows may become hard to push, suggest it is better to change the window, it's safe, the effect is better. As to change what kind of doors and Windows, in addition to see whether the double hollow glass, you can also choose to made Windows broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles. Specifically, the aluminum alloy is a metal, heat faster, so when the indoor and outdoor temperature varies a lot, aluminum alloy became a 'bridge' to transfer heat, such materials doors and Windows, its heat insulation performance is poor. Will broken bridge aluminum alloy on it, it is hard plastic will disconnect of aluminum alloy is an organic whole repeatedly, and plastic thermal conductivity significantly slower than metal, so heat is not easy to through the entire material, doors and Windows of insulation, heat preservation performance is good. The summer can efficiently prevent external heat from entering indoor, winter will effectively prevent the loss of heat dissipation, and implement efficient energy conservation and environmental protection.
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