Why your glass beveling machine, prices high in where

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-01
Glass, decorative glass beveling machine do necessary equipments because of its is the main processing glass bevel edge, so the precision demand is high, natural to configure requirement is high also. Mr Wade beveling machine higher price because of high configuration, did most of the peers are not standard configuration. First can see the difference is one of the main configuration grinding head motor, Mr Wade standard ABB motor imported brands, most peers with homebred brand motor, a nine hypotenuse grinding head machine, because the motor is different, the difference can even reach ten thousand yuan. Customers to glass machinery manufacturer of choose and buy glass beveling machine, because of its not understand beveling machine mechanical structure, often ignored the configuration requirements of beveling machine, even understand the mechanical structure, generally see equipment is finished, it is difficult to see is assembly equipment, and to guarantee the place of the beveling machine precision, is inside the machine, when the assembly to be seen. Glass beveling machine girder strip is the top priority, many manufacturers use inferior girder, annealing is not up to standard, poor processing, is not only the bow glyph, easy to deformation, and more seriously for the strip on the girder before and after plastic nylon material ( Pictured above on the left) , only in the strip is a row of steel, the quality, the new machinery in a year or two in need of major repair, in strip, high maintenance costs. Mr Wade choose excellent casting suppliers in guangdong province, yan mouth glyph for beveling machine to build high quality casting girder, annealing, beam before and after deformation and strip for the industry the highest quality of 40 cr alloy steel ( Pictured above right) , through special craft processing, to achieve bit hardness, a buy, use for a long time, the late maintenance cost is very low. We hung on girder of plywood, Mr Wade splint is 40 cr alloy steel, after 55 HRC high-frequency quenching process, to achieve bit hardness; And the vast majority of manufacturers are using ordinary plywood, material of 45 # steel commonly, if Mr Wade splint to knock with us, the generation gap, hardness is not enough, use for a long time not wear-resisting, easily also grooves, fragile glass. In said is glass beveling machine is the most important configuration, not only that, the assembly and adjust machine master is Lao shifu has ten years experience in glass machinery industry, the high standard condition, let us make better products, to guarantee the stability of the glass beveling machine. Mr Wade machinery without low-end inferior product market, by word of mouth to speak. In addition we will be released in 2017 Beijing glass exhibition more newest research and development of automation equipment, on May 24, 2017 27, welcome you to visit W4 - 181 exchange guidance.
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