Why is glass material is essential for science and technology industry in the future

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-12

Since came to the science and technology industry, I realized the importance of the product manufacturing process of various materials. In the semiconductor industry in the beginning, I began to learn the raw materials of silicon wafers and chips. Then, I began to study the current popular science and technology products of other materials. , it turns out, materials science, which is the lifeblood of all scientific and technological inventions, and with the progress of material technology, technology of running faster, smaller size, more durable. This makes the 'pocket PC', that is, smart phones become possible. Straight to about 2000 years or so, I work in the PC industry's most focused on all kinds of elements, such as display, sound card, semiconductor chips, and other parts of the PC is becoming stronger and stronger. However, as the clamshell machine, and then the rise of smartphones, in providing good user experience, especially the mobile device user experience, have a kind of material is second only to the importance of the processor, this is the all functional mobile phone and smart phone use glass screen. Although in the past for a long time, I realized that the screen in smartphones and tablet computers play an important role in the design, but it was not until the science fiction movie 'minority report', I discovered that the glass screen is the digital part of the future is crucial. Later, in 2011, I saw a video from corning. Video called 'glass a day of life,' more clearly reflect the glass plays an important role in the digital world. In the video, glass into a touch screen, glass desktop into a computer screen, glass metope becomes a support touch the content of the interactive operation. In 2013, corning, and released a new video, this paper introduces the glass integration to our digital life more ways. Soon after apple attempt of sapphire, materials and failure, glass, especially corning 'gorilla glass' aroused my pay more attention to the role. Obviously, corning company is developing a glass screen related business, and the fourth generation 'gorilla glass' has become the company to market the most durable, scratch resistance, the best products. In addition, the company, code-named 'Phire' of a new generation of product properties similar to sapphire. In the field of material technology of glass, corning's research and development and the progress in the industry leading obviously. MOTOROLA, on the other hand, is trying to OLED screen and plastic shell screen, this also is very interesting. MOTOROLA claims so that the screen not damaged. The five layers of through special process, MOTOROLA has developed is never damaged smartphones. I wish to personally review the phone as soon as possible, but materials science experts said to me, is easy to be plastic screen scratches, and over time will be yellow, thus affect the clarity. MOTOROLA's personage says, because of the special processing, the company on the outer screen is not the case. Is difficult to determine, plastic screen in the smartphone can be kept in the life cycle of good performance. Therefore, other high-end phones in common use 'gorilla glass'. This has proven to be the best choice of the portable PC and smart phones, can bring the scratch resistance. Billions of smartphones glass screen for the user's performance is very important, and glass materials will also be in our future more important role in the digital life, and that will make all excited in the industry of science and technology. Corning's video has enabled us to see the future of digital life. The glass screen on the desktop, the desktop will be huge interactive screen, so as to change the way people interact with digital content. In glass walls play video and other content, and use the touch operation to activate the application, it also exciting. Please imagine the glass screen on the refrigerator, and the glass mirror inside the bathroom. These devices are going to be the entrance to the user access to digital content, and in the near future, the glass will play the role in our life. So the potential market for glass processing equipment to be reckoned with. Corning corporation in 2011 and 2013, show the future is now gradually become a reality. If you go to the United States in 2016 international consumer electronics show ( CES) , then you will see corning in the progress of this field, and the effects of this technology to the science and technology industry in the future.

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