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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-15
Using mechanical glass cutting is to use low tensile stress based on mechanics performance. Diamond or emery in surface imprinting, is commonly used in mechanical parts due to tensile stress and cutting method ( 1) Glass by glass cutter cut not too thick glass, brass end with diamond is commonly used in diamond glass cutter for cutting flat glass of commonly used superhard knife wheel. In addition, in the process of cutting to join liquids such as kerosene, has very good protection effect to the knives' service life. In addition, the file is used to cut lead soft glass tube ( 2) Diamond saw blade for cutting is not only limited to glass, also widely used in germanium and silicon, ceramic, crystal, such as cutting, compared with the add sand or grinding wheels saw blade, diamond saw blade cutting with high efficiency. When cutting, general use of grinding fluid. The combination of the diamond saw blade materials such as metal, thermosetting resin, ceramic, but generally use the metals such as brass saw blade, cutting blade thickness is about 0. 2 - 7ram。 Cutting methods can be divided into outer ring cutting, inner ring cutting according to the use and the band saw cutting ( 3) Glass cutting with abrasive, 95300 - in diameter 1-400 mm, thickness 2 copper plate ram circular plate on to the loose sand panel saw, make its rotation, the abrasive injection mixed with water at the same time ( Silicon carbide, corundum, corundum, etc. ) , will push to the circular saw, compared with diamond grinding wheel, using ordinary grinding wheel is hard to cut a very thin products, thus cutting damage, high consumption, grinding wheel wear serious, but the grinding wheel is cheap, especially in dry cutting, it has the advantages of ordinary grinding wheel cutting. Treatment method principle and sandblasting abrasive jet is the same, but using micro powder grinding ( The average particle size is 27 mm) The micro nozzle spray ( Spraying carbon dioxide, nitrogen and compressed air) , at the same time make pores, to cut off the glass. The impact of the abrasive is small, so this method can be made very thin glass plate. Eworld, engaged in the glass machinery equipment research and development, sales and service, if there is any need to welcome consultation!
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