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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-30
Glass cutting machine is very important for our glass manufacturing, we are in the maintenance of glass machinery equipment is need to be washed, when cleaning should use what kind of method, the following Eworld explain to everyone about what are the methods needed to clean glass cutting machine, lens cleaning ( Advice before work every day, clean equipment must be in a state of shutdown) Small remind: laser lens center to edge rotary clean glass cutting machine. No. 3, lens and focus lens from the frame, in the same way to wipe, wipe after the completion of the same back then. Note: 1. Lens should be the light to wipe, do not damage the surface coating ( Metal wood coating lens more durable) ; 2. To should take put down by the wiping process, prevent Xian fall; 3. Focus lens installation please be sure to keep the mouth facing the next second, guide clean ( Suggest clean once every half a month, shutdown operation) Guide of board, ー straight axis as the core component of equipment, it is the function of guidance and supporting role. In order to ensure the machine has high machining accuracy, to guide, linear has higher guidance precision and good processing quality of the glass cutting machine, guide rail, straight axis carefully conduct routine maintenance. Three clean fan, fan used for a long period of time, can make the fan inside accumulate a lot of back to the dust, let is unfavorable to the exhaust fan makes a big noise, and in addition to taste. When appear insufficient suction fan smoke not free, turn off the power supply first, will be discharged into the duct and the duct on the fan, to remove the dust inside, and then fan upside down, and move the inside of the blades, until clean, then put the fan installed above is for everyone to explain about hollow glass cutting machine at the time of cleaning need meaning, Eworld glass machinery co. , LTD. Is engaged in the glass processing machinery put overseers research and development, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprise, has a group of high-tech research and development personnel and managers オ, after constant TanJia and research, has accumulated rich experience in production practice with our strong technical force, combined with the production technology at home and abroad, produce a lot of stable and reliable, high degree of glass processing machinery and equipment.
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