What kind of is shaped glass cutting machine?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-04-03

Shaped glass cutting machine is a kind of numerical control machine tool, with machines, high machining precision and stability, product fine, fast processing speed, the performance characteristics of high production efficiency. Let's to look at in detail: 1, the cutting head of three-dimensional movement system configuration and high precision lead screw, make the equipment performance is stable and reliable, small error, high efficiency. 2, the machine through processing, level off and won't scratch glass, especially for optical coating glass cutting. 3, can be processed 500 mm x 500 mm size of the glass substrate, the counter have a dense adsorption hole, meet the needs of the adsorption due to deformation of glass. 4, concise and clear interface, easy to operate. 5, use carved glass machining tool commonly used diamond grinding head, with 24000 ~ 40000 RPM spindle high-speed rotation, actual is grinding instead of cutting processing. 6, with special grinding head, can realize the opening of ultra-thin glass, grooving, one-time down side up and down, shaped glass cutting, processing, chamfering shape accurately, etc. , can be controlled in error of plus or minus 0. 02~±0。 5 mm, and the edge is not easy to collapse edge, broken glass. 7, but also according to the designed fixture, realizing the continuous mass production of products. 8, glass has a good perspective, pervious to light performance, high chemical stability, and can according to the different processing methods to obtain good mechanical strength and heat preservation and heat insulation effect, even can make independent color glass, 9, isolated from strong light, so often used in all walks of life, meet different needs. Above is the performance characteristics of shaped glass cutting machine, in the process of we use can undertake corresponding operation according to its characteristics, in order to play its value. Hope the above content for your help, if you have related questions, welcome to inquire.
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