What is the working principle of laser cutting machine?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-14
Everyone should not unfamiliar hubei glass cutting machine, this machine used in today's society, or more, especially in some industries, simply cannot leave, laser cutting machine is particularly popular among them, the working principle of the cutting machine is how do you know? Here, Mr Wade small make up to tell you. Laser cutting machine is a kind of new technology, has been applied to various industries, including metal cutting, glass cutting, carving, etc. Extensive field. Laser is a light, and its electric light nature, is made up of atoms ( Molecules or ions, zheng) Produced by the transition, and it is caused by spontaneous radiation scoop. Although laser is light, and it is obviously different from ordinary light is only in the original laser within a very short time depends on the spontaneous radiation, after this process is completely determined by the stimulated radiation, the color of the laser is very pure, therefore, almost no directional divergence, carving machine, high luminous intensity. Laser and high coherence, high strength, high directivity, by mirror after laser produced by laser transmission and pick up mirror shine through to the processed goods, make the processing items ( Surface) By strong heat and temperature increase sharply, make this point because of the high temperature rapid melting or vaporization, cooperate with the operation of the laser path so as to achieve the purpose of processing. What is the working principle of laser cutting machine? Laser processing technology in the application of the advertising industry is mainly divided into: laser cutting, laser engraving, two kinds of works, for each kind of works, there are some different places in the operation process. 1. Laser engraving is mainly on the surface of objects, divided into two kinds: bitmap and vector engraving 2. Bitmap carving us first in PHOTOSHOP to carving graphics we need the net processing and translated into monochrome BMP format, and then in the special laser engraving cutting software open the graphics file. According to what we are processing the materials of appropriate parameter is set, and then click run, laser engraving machine will according to the effect of lattice graphics file for engraving. 3. Vector sculpture using vector software such as Coreldraw, AutoCad, Iluustrator layout design, and to export the graphic to PLT, DXF, AI format, marking machine, then use special laser cutting engraving software open the graphics file, sent to the laser engraving machine for processing. In the advertising industry is mainly suitable for board, double color plate, organic glass, colored paper and other materials processing. 4. On the edge of the laser cutting we can understand as a separation. Processing of this purpose, we should first in CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD graphics to make the form of vector line, pneumatic marking machine, and then save as corresponding PLT, DXF format, with a laser cutting machine operation software to open the file, according to our processing parameters such as material, energy and speed setting can be run again. After received instructions from the computer in laser cutting machine according to the software on the flight path of automatic cutting. Such as: the existing business parthers laser cutting machine, can according to the computer drawing good template, and then directly into the computer, automatic cutting pattern. Existing business parthers laser cutting machine generally have their own hard disk, massive amounts of data can be input. Simple and convenient. 5. The characteristics of the laser cutting laser cutting machine, as a new processing method, with its machining precision, fast, simple operation, high automation degree, in leather, textile and garment industry is gradually widely used. Laser cutting machine compared with the traditional way of cutting is not only low price, low consumption. And because the workpiece without mechanical pressure, laser processing so cut out the effect of the products, precision and cutting speed are very good. And it also has a safe operation, easy maintenance, etc. Can work 24 hours continuously. Non-woven fabric with laser laser machine for cutting out the clean cloth edge is not yellow, automatic edge not loose edge, not deformation, not hard, consistent and accurate size; Can cut any complex shape; High efficiency, low cost, computer graphic design, can cut any shape of various sizes lace. Fast development: as the laser and the combination of computer technology, the user as long as the design on computer, laser engraving output can be realized and carving can be changed at any time, can design and the product. Above is for many years specializing in the production of sales of hubei glass cutting machine of Mr Wade small make up to share with you about the working principle of cutting machine, hoped everybody in this article to learn, if there are cutters need to contact us: 13197170027.
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