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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-30
Glass as a kind of old material, not only can be used for the field of architecture and art, can also be used for medical treatment and instrument fields. Different types of glass have different characteristics, so it is important to note that when using. However, most people know the glass is not enough, it tends to cause some misunderstanding and trouble. This article will analyze which factors will cause the glass broken, and introduces how to avoid the cutting edge glass burst. A, what factors will explode edge glass cutting? Glass is made from silica and other chemicals ( The main raw material is soda ash, limestone, and quartz) The fusion. Melt formed in the process of continuous mesh structure, viscosity increases gradually in the process of cooling and hardening, cause crystallization silicate non-metallic materials. Reasons of breaking glass ( 1) On the edge of the glass with glass surface damage factors and careless handling, installation and maintenance, easy to damage the glass of stress, such as corrosion pits, surface, edge collapse, etc. , lead to explosive (toughened glass 2) Installation factors during the installation process, if the installation clearance or direct contact with the glass and frame, under the sunlight, the expansion coefficient of different glass and frame, easy to produce extrusion pressure on the edge of the glass or corner, lead to broken glass ( 3) Glass processing factors borehole or the corner cut glass is broken, 4) Natural factors such as powerful typhoon cyclone in wind resistance design failure, how can lead to broken 2, glass cutting to avoid critical edge appear this kind of circumstance is the root cause of the surface stress curve is not reasonable, a critical edge pressure stress; In the annealed glass surface temperature and the plate core temperature difference is too big, lead to the surface compressive stress is too large, plate core residual tensile stress is too large. When serious when, snapping off Bai Sesheng slag to appear on the face. On the annealing curves show the cooling speed too fast, glass plate temperature is too low, near to break off the roll breakage stress almost completely development. Adjustment method to reduce the temperature difference existing in the export of tin bath glass, lower limit to control the outlet temperature of tin bath, improve the annealing temperature and annealing beforehand 10 ~ 20 ℃, control the temperature of edge, can be appropriately open electrical heating ( Fire or burning) Area F, and improve the annealing kiln outlet temperature 20 ℃ or so. These values are compared with the 5 mm glass annealing temperature. Eworld, engaged in the glass machinery equipment research and development, sales and service, if there is any need to welcome consultation!
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