What factors affect the glass washing machine wash not clean?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-06
Some merchants purchased glass cleaner after return, didn't find glass washing machine wash clean, wash out there are a lot of water glass? So he panic and he wondered if I bought the wrong device? What went wrong? Is the cause of the improper operation or the device itself? Small make up in the answer. First of all, appear this kind of situation related to the following aspects: 1. Wind knife wrong: when the glass cleaning machine speed, may cause the glass blowing, the wind blade Angle, this Angle problem can be adjust themselves, how to wash clean on how to adjust Angle, it also can put a piece of glass in the air knife knife distance downwind, there make contact with the glass surface is good recently, but not too close to be careful not to scratch the glass. 2. Air knife auxiliary heating is out of order, check if a draught knife auxiliary heating is broken, if it is broken can cause glass wash not clean. 3. Sponge roller aging ( Harden) Fill water, check the glass washing machine roller, try using a piece of may.
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