What exhibitions does Eworld Machine participate in?

The exhibition is one of the most important occasions to attract clients and cooperative partners for enterprises. That is why Eworld Machine attach good importance on many glass machine exhibitions. It has many exhibitions all over the world.  Each year, we take part in many exhibitions. Some of the biggest are the Canton Fair, East China Fair, Yiwu Fair, China Hi-Tech Fair, etc. Except for raise brand awareness, forge business relationships, we take part in these trade shows for exploring and learning about the industry we operate in. We meet industry experts and leaders as well as professionals that face the same challenges as we. In other countries, If it is our target market, we will also attend the exhibitions in this country. 

We continuously find new and better ways of improving and making our operations more environmentally sustainable and use the same energy-efficient solutions we provide to customers to reduce the environmental footprint of our own operations.

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