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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-26
Automatic glass cutting machine cutting effect is good, high efficiency, but also some matters need attention in use. Underneath, small make up just to give you a detailed explanation what are the precautions for the use of cutting machine. First of all, cannot be charged parallel cable plug connected to a computer and any control card and other hardware devices, automatic glass cutting machine shell can ground, to ensure safety. The machine doesn't work, want to turn off the power supply in time. Next, open the power supply for back to zero, then check that the functions of automatic glass cutting machine is normal. Load diagram, must first understand the cutting range, to ensure that the load of the figure within its scope. , in front of the glass cutting machine operation, first check the glass appearance for white dots and scratches phenomenon, start cutting, make sure that the machine next to no one, after the cut, should be timely cleaning the table. The above content is derived from the Eworld glass cutter's official website: WWW. lydesignglass。 com
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