What are the faults and around glass straight line edge grinding machine?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-07
Level uneven, Grinding of glass with the size of the head) Glass edge grinding machine in use after a period of time, there will be a level, the specific reasons are as follows: soft foundation. Without cement concrete foundation can not bear the weight of the host itself, make host sinking, result in uneven. Need to consolidate foundation, cushion flat to the fuselage. No definite cause glass bracket foot. When grinding large glass is easy to produce displacement, has led to the difference of level. Need to correction stents. Long time use of glass edge grinding machine replace only a small percentage of conveyor chain block glue, the old and new square plastic use collocation, height difference, has led to the head size of grinding out of glass. Must replace all square glue or simply change the whole picture of conveyor chain. Glass edge grinding machine conveyor chain level uneven. Into a head of conveyor chain and a glass a conveyor chain and front and back platen is not a straight line ( Don't level) 。 A guide rail height (first tune into glass Can guide at the bottom of the stroke by adjusting screw screw) , make the long glass edge grinding at 2500 can from beginning to end on the guide of conveyor chain transmission ( In glass into the pressure plate after 40 cm watch two places: press the plate at the bottom of the glass and machines on the conveyor chain whether most the right side of the glass on the conveyor chain or stick on the conveyor chain) , if the pressure plate at the bottom of the glass on the conveyor chain conveyor chain and leave empty, would probably have to lower the A word on the shelf right guide rail travel screw until smooth; If the glass edge grinding machine is most the right side of the glass on the conveyor chain cock tail ( Empty) , you will need to rise to the right A word on the shelf of the guide screw until smooth. Machine on the left side of the conveyor chain adjustment levels can also according to the principles of reasoning. End or middle can't polishing head to tail polishing mainly into glass bone after the end of the line of sprockets produced displacement, resulting in glass forward shift. First open the glass edge grinding machine two machine set, first two sprockets correction for the glass that height and Angle, the two sprockets to eye gear box shall prevail. Before and after the middle can't polishing or polishing is not good: linking piece too loose, glass sink phenomenon frequently in grinding, and lead to glass grinding quantity too much, to produce the middle can't polishing or polishing. As long as open chassis fastening plate chain.
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