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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-24
Glass cutting machine cutting speed, high efficiency, wide cut, so widely used. But in cutting thick plate, there is groove defect, therefore, is suitable for cutting thin plate. Said, below small make up for its scope of application. At present, as technology advances, the function of the glass cutting machine has been improved. Graphics cutting code conversion software application, make the cutter in the cutting medium thickness plate, has unique advantages, and low cost of investment. But glass cutting machine use the high cost of and the problems of the lagging of localization, it restricts the development of the cutting machine industry. But the national emphasis on manufacturing revival, for the application of cutting technology and popularization, bring development opportunities. Automatic glass cutting machine is applicable to any material cutting, high cutting precision, does not produce hot deformation, cutting way is more environmental protection, will be the development direction of CNC cutting machine. With the development of production, the development of the cutting machine must adapt to the industrial development.
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