What are the characteristics of organic glass cutting machine and advantage?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-02
Organic glass cutting machine suitable for cutting various materials, usually when cutting organic glass, that what are the characteristics and advantages? The following detailed resolution for everyone, organic glass cutting machine features: ( 1) Patented design can quickly change the laser focal length, automatic origin of setting function, standard industrial interface, stable and reliable performance, easy to use. ( 2) Microcomputer control laser machine running, so bigger and faster, the dimension of a machining process simple easy to operate. ( 3) Control system using DSP controller, the mechanical performance of the system is more stable. ( 4) Can be standard according to different needs, different power CO2 laser, a more excellent price performance ratio. ( 5) Using three-way reflective system and structure of linear guide, make laser scalpel to run more smoothly, engraving and cutting accuracy is higher. Second, the advantages of organic glass cutting machine: ( 1) 2 - cutting thin materials 10 mm, 5 mm below the organic glass is usually adopted the focus of 50 mm lens, when the cutting speed is usually zero. 35 - 0. 8 meters per minute, light intensity for 45 to 65%; 5 - 10 mm plexiglass usually adopts 63. 5 mm of the focus lens, when cutting speed of 0. 15 - 0. 3 meters per minute, intensity of 50 - 75%. ( 2) The cutting 10 - thick material 20 mm, more than 10 mm organic glass is usually adopted the focus of 75 mm lens, 25 mm above the organic glass is usually adopted the focus of 100 mm lens, can cut 32 mm organic glass. 10 mm organic glass cutting, cutting speed generally is 0. 08 - 0. 12 meters per minute, 60 - light intensity 70%. More stable when 60% light intensity, air jet cup adjust size of inlet flow, make the edge more smooth. Eworld is engaged in the automatic glass cutting equipment design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service technical enterprise, with excellent product quality and considerate after-sales service to win the trust of many customers, welcome to consult!
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