What are the basic characteristic of the heat pipe

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-14
( 4) Constant temperature characteristics ( Controlled heat pipe) Ordinary heat pipe thermal resistance of each part is basically not change along with the change of adding heat, so when the added heat changes, temperature of heat pipe for part also changes ( 1) Excellent isothermal chamber of the steam in the heat pipe is in a saturation state, saturated vapor pressure is determined by the saturation temperature, saturated steam generated by flowing from evaporation condenser pressure drop is small, according to the equation in thermodynamics, the temperature drop also is very small, so heat pipe with excellent isothermal ( 2) Environmental adaptability of the shape of the heat pipe can vary from the conditions of the heat source and cold source, heat pipe can be made into a shaft of the motor, gas turbine blades, drill bits, knife and so on, the heat pipe can also be made separate, to adapt to the long distance or blunt thermal fluid under the condition of mixed heat transfer; Heat pipe can be used for both ground ( Gravity field) , also can be used for space ( Without gravity field) ( 3) Heat flux variability of heat pipe can be changed independently or in evaporation cooling heating area, i. e. , according to the heating area of the smaller heat input, and output quantity of heat, with large cooling area or heat pipe heat input can be larger heat transfer area, heat output with a smaller cooling area, which can change the heat flux density, and solve some other methods to solve the heat transfer problem but people developed a kind of heat pipe - — Variable heat conducting tube, makes the condenser heat resistance decreased with increasing added heat glass cutting machine, along with the reducing of added heat increase, which can make the heat pipe under the condition of large variation in heat, steam temperature change is very small, to realize the control of temperature, this is the temperature characteristics of the heat pipe ( 5) Action of reversible heat flow direction of a horizontal core tube, due to its inner loop power is capillary force, so either one could be heated evaporation section, but on the other side to the outside heat dissipation has become condensation period of this feature can be used in spacecraft and satellites in space temperature flattening, can also be used to heat before they are endothermic chemical reactor and other devices ( 6) Thermal diode and switch performance of heat pipe but make it hot diode or thermal switch, a thermal diode is allowed to flow heat flow in one direction only and does not allow to flow in the opposite direction; Thermal switch is when the heat source temperature is above a certain temperature, heat pipe and set to work, when the heat source temperature is lower than the temperature, heat transfer (heat pipe is not 7) High thermal conductivity of heat pipe internal mainly by liquid vapor and liquid phase change heat transfer, thermal resistance is very small, so it is of high heat conduction ability compared with silver, copper, aluminum and other metal, unit weight of the heat pipe can transfer several orders of magnitude more heat, of course, also relatively high thermal conductivity, temperature difference is always there, may not violate the second law of thermodynamics, and heat pipe heat transfer capability is limited by various factors, there are some of the heat transfer limit; Heat pipe shaped glass cutting machine of the axial thermal conductivity is very strong, the improvement of the radial and ( Except for the radial heat pipe)
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