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by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-22
Glass cutting machine what advantages does everyone understand? Mr Wade the following details for you, hope to be of help. As a new glass production and processing technology of the automatic glass cutting machine, has played a very important role in glass cutting, automatic glass cutting machine advantage embodies in what aspects? Let's take a detailed look at below. 1. Single/double cutting can be arbitrary choice - - To improve cutting efficiency. 2. ” Y' Axis servo double drive - - Can ensure high precision and fast speed. 3. Boot & quot; X' Axis and & quot; Y' Spindle automatic vertical state - to find - Can further ensure the cutting precision. 4. Mesa is independently adjustable - - Late can save maintenance cost. 5. Automatic oiling system - without maintenance - Save maintenance cost, higher efficiency. 6. Can automatically according to the running speed automatically increase or decrease in the amount of oil - of the cutting tools - Reducing the amount of kerosene, especially the quality of the coated glass to glass will be greatly improved. 7. Reserved interface - automatically printing system and storage system - Subsequent upgrade convenient equipment, in order to realize unmanned factory ready. 8. Has the function of automatic edge - - By the principle of three make a coordinate system, to ensure that, even if the glass transmission to the cutting machine is crooked, also can cut the standard size. Above is to the advantage of automatic glass cutting machine, hope for your help, our company is operating glass cutting machine, if there is any need to welcome consultation.
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