We pay attention to use glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-29
Know glass cutting machine is used for glass processing and the material of a kind of processing machinery, then you know what are the points for attention when using it. Linear edge grinding machine using items need to be aware of: 1, before and after glass cutting machine guide joint to clamp and often add lubricant, or it will because the pressure plate and guide rail working face before and after premature wear and affect the service life of the machine. Although some models have automatic lubricating device, but in order to avoid the normal use or pipes should be lubricated periodically check was clear; 2, when clamping glass clamping force to the appropriate size, too loose will affect the quality of grinding, too tight will make machine load increases, will produce jitter crawl phenomenon, grinding the thin glass is easy to broken glass. Clamping force size can use a larger piece of glass clip in the machine for testing. Glass abnormity edge grinding using items need to be aware of: 1, by touch machine by touching a great influence on grinding precision. On the template of the shape of the face must do precise size, smooth finish. If aliens on the template, the transition must be smooth; 2, replacing template and suction cups, be sure to keep the working face of chuck level, otherwise it will affect the quality of grinding. And special-shaped vacuum pump in use after a period of time, due to reasons such as inlet vacuum decline phenomenon, so attention should be paid to checking and troubleshooting, otherwise, the machine work under suction condition, on the one hand will affect the quality of grinding, on the other hand also prone to accidents, so pay attention to the point. Bilateral edge grinding machine used to need to pay attention to matters: 1, the bilateral edge grinding machine belongs to a higher level of edge grinding machine, when using 2 - best Three people have fixed work, in order to guarantee correct operation; 2 double edging machine, program error problems, it is better to send someone please the original production debugging, maintenance, generally do not remove that confuse the program, or please professional is better. Said several cutting machine matters need to pay attention to it, can you remember it.
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