Vacuum glass processing need to use glass edge grinding machine?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-01
Glass edge grinding machine will be used in the process of vacuum glass processing? If you want to know this you have to know the above is vacuum glass? Vacuum glass is a new kind of glass deep processing products, its development and related technology is still in its perfect. To use more is currently 'one-step' process - In a warming - namely In the process of cooling vacuum glass. As opposed to a one-step and two-step process, the main difference is that sealing side of both process and fit in two separate heat sealing process. The latter mainly for the production of the surface smooth and beautiful 'notch' vacuum glass. Manufacturing is the main equipment for vacuum glass by ordinary hot blast stove evolved from 'double sealing furnace', considering the low - in vacuum glass E film high reflectivity of infrared radiation is bad for the large area of heat between two pieces of glass and so on heating mode should be taken and heat convection and radiation heat. For strengthening heat transfer conditions of poor heat between two pieces of glass, can in the material shelf add infrared radiation plate surface coated with a special coating. In addition, the 'double sealing furnace' box structure, easy to form in glass four peripheral thermal belt, lead to deformation, warping glass; And eliminate the uneven temperature on the surface of the Pacific Ocean is much more difficult than eliminate non-uniform thickness on. Therefore increase the infrared radiation between two pieces of glass plate help to eliminate the deformation. According to the test of 2 ~ 15 mm thick glass to 1. 5 ~ 15 microns of infrared absorption rate over 90%, and the longer wavelengths of infrared ray is almost completely absorbed. Far infrared energy saving technology in recent years the application of practice has proved that the far infrared heating technology can power saving 30%. Glass processing equipment is mainly refers to without any processing glass for a series of processing to meet the needs of different industries of glass machinery, it is found mostly in the industry of glass processing technology mainly includes cutting, edge grinding, polishing, laminated glass, drilling, washing and so on. Now more common glass processing equipment mainly include: glass edge grinding machine, laser engraving machine, laminated glass equipment, glass drilling machine, the more common are: glass edge grinding machine, glass laminating equipment, glass drilling machine, glass washing machine.
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