Uv laser cutting glass marking, drilling applications

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-02
Glass is a kind of brittle material, easily influenced by the external force in the manufacturing process of the fracturing, mechanical stress, thermal influence to be able to let the glass is broken, so the glass in the process of material processing accuracy requirement is high, and in some high-end applications are even after the stress tests on its use. So in some high-end applications, glass machining all adopt what way? Yuan lu photoelectric announced to everyone is the glass marking, drilling applications. Uv laser cutting machine cold light of the characteristics of ultraviolet laser cutting machine adopts ultraviolet laser, light small, small heat affected zone, non-contact processing without mechanical stress, processing speed is fast. Defect is thicker glass drilling, ultraviolet light is taper, which bore it, little face, and the thickness of low. In biological reagent glass marking, drilling, for example, through roughen the surface of glass can processing, the surface of the processed by ultraviolet laser focus in the way of surface processing effect is good, and not treated with roughen the surface is rough. Here is not after dealing with the roughen glass marking, drilling figure under the effect of the naked eye, crossed the surface is clean, no taper aperture. Magnified 50 times under the effect of, can see the taper in the aperture. 50 times amplification effect under uv laser cutting glass crossed the collapse edge effect from the above we can see the effect of ultraviolet laser cutting machine for glass line is relatively ideal, compared with the mechanical processing method, machining surface more smooth, but under the amplification effect, mechanical processing of side damage significantly larger. Mechanical processing glass line, surface drilling, compared with uv laser processing, processing area of the surface more smooth. The rendering mechanical processing glass in 50 times, and you can see big very big side damage from the ultraviolet laser cutting machine for glass marking, drilling compared with mechanical processing way, through the amplification processing figure and the surface contrast can be seen on the size of the side damage control, uv laser processing is superior to mechanical processing. Single from the perspective of the smoothness of the surface, the filling type of laser processing way is slightly worse than machining. In comparison, the ultraviolet laser cutting machine processing glass biggest advantage compared with the mechanical processing is the processing speed, mechanical processing need cooling, washing by water, in the applications of bioglass, drilling and marking need processing respectively, while the laser don't need such a device, a one-time forming, fast speed, small side damage, stress free, small thermal power, this is the biggest advantage of ultraviolet laser cutting machine for cutting glass.
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