Use should pay attention to the details of glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-28
Use glass cutting machine should pay attention to the following questions: 1, cutting to check shi before cutting the glass appearance cannot have white spots and scratched phenomenon. 2, check the machine before starting the line if there is a leak phenomenon, leak phenomenon will not boot. 3, after startup to check whether have obstacles on working face and the guide rail, if there are obstacles must be ruled out. 4, the first after confirm qualified, to mass production, Measurement to the relation of the first row as the measured object, when necessary, as a whole) Must be confirmed before 5, lifted the glass to lifting the glass itself has no crack, avoid lifting the glass automatically separate phenomenon. 6, automatic layout optimization function: on the side of the cutting machine, considering the particularity of processing costs and break off the piece of work, generally not highly educated people to dry, which requires cutting machine operation is simple, and easy to understand, not too complicated, otherwise there will be a great affordable machine couldn't afford the embarrassing situation of the machine. It is best to avoid defect features, for domestic floor sometimes have bad product in the glass. Shaped cut more graphics library and flexible, shall be made to make the CAD graphics can also participate in typesetting. Close all valves before 7, shutdown, and object completely residual gas in the road. 8, found a tempering line phenomenon, should immediately without electricity to snuff out. Have the record of machine fault phenomenon.
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