Transformation of automatic glass cutting machine to do?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-22
Usually, in the use of glass cutting machine, need to clear the related characteristics. Only to master the specific characteristics of the cases, can the efficiency, better play out, to satisfy the daily production need. The main characteristics, have the following points. Function, can be set, and then achieve a knife, automatic arc transition. Glass marking function, can be in glass cutting, mark the glass code tags. Thus separated, some relatively simple. Glass cutting more reasonable, have all kinds of optimization of the cutting solution. Each kind of cutting plan, is to use knife. Has a good import and export function, convenient to paste the data. Especially programming, flexibility is better. Transformation of automatic glass cutting machine, automatic glass cutting machine in the process of cutting stainless steel, will produce large and soot, dust hood placed on cutting machine to make it walk is not smooth, a lot of smoke jamming operators, ring shape continuous casting billet cutting seam quality, therefore to modify the original dust removal system is imperative. Stainless steel cutting machine has a dust hood, installed on the side of the dust hood has two holes, the installation of a connecting pipe automatic glass cutting machine, and from horizontal to vertical downward arc curves of two pipe join together. Then, in the dust on the main panel cover a wide belt, the fixed on the dedusting duct on both ends of the belt, belt wear round cutting machine on the four pillars supporting shaft, intermediate gap is formed by connecting tube and dust removal of main interface, the interface position and subject to change with the movement of the cutting machine, always be directed at the connection pipe of dedusting duct openings.
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