The working principle of the laser cutting machine and instructions

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-05
The working principle of laser cutting machine? Mr Wade's below small make up to simple explain to you. Definition: it is mainly used for plate cutting into the required shape workpiece laser machine, and using of laser heat cutting equipment. Introduction: laser cutting refers to the laser beam on the surface to the energy released when the workpiece melting and evaporation, has reached the purpose of cutting and engraving. It is the use of the laser beam is emitted from the laser generator, the light path system is focused into a high power density of laser beam irradiation condition, laser heat absorbed by the workpiece material, workpiece temperature rise sharply, arriving at boiling point, the material between began to vaporize and forming holes, accompanied by high pressure air flow, with the movement of the relative position between the beam and workpiece, eventually to form material cutting seam. Specific details of laser cutting: laser cutting is the application of high power density after focusing the laser energy. Controlled by computer, through the pulse laser discharge, thus the output controlled high repetition frequency of pulsed laser, forming a certain frequency, a certain pulse width of the beam, the pulse laser beam through the light path transmission and reflection and through the focusing lens group focused on the machining surface, forming a small, high energy density of light, the focal spot near to processing surface, with instantaneous high temperature melting or vaporized material processed. In an instant by a high-energy laser pulses to the object surface sputtering out a tiny hole, under computer control, laser cutting head and processed materials according to design good graphic dot relative motion in succession in advance, will combine processing ChengXiang to the shape of the object. Laser cutting machine parts: (1) the host machine parts, machine parts, laser cutting machine to realize the movement of X, Y, Z axis of mechanical parts, including cutting work platform. 2: laser generator to produce laser light source device. (3) outside the light path: launch mirror refraction, are used to the direction of the laser guidance needed. (4) the numerical control system: control machine tool to realize the movement of X, Y, Z axis, but also control the laser output power. 5] regulated power supply, connected to the laser, between nc machine and power supply system. [6] cutting head: mainly includes the cavity, the focus lens, focus lens, capacitive sensor and auxiliary gas nozzle parts. Once work station: used to control the whole process of cutting device work. Being chiller: used to cool the laser generator cylinders' levies, including laser cutting machine working medium and auxiliary gas cylinders, cylinders used to supplement the laser concussion gas supply and cutting head with auxiliary gases. ⑽ air compressor, air tank: supply and storage of compressed air. ⑾ air cooling dry machine, filter: used to supply clean dry air laser generator and the beam path, to keep the path and the normal work of the mirror. ⑿ convulsions dust removal machine: take out the smoke and dust produced when processing, and filtering processing, make emissions in line with the environmental protection standard. When processing [13] slag discharge machine: elimination of tailings and waste, etc. Metal laser cutting machine advantages: high precision; Speed; Small heat affected zone, out of shape not easily; High cost performance; The cost is low; Follow-up maintenance cost is low; Stable performance, can keep the continuous production. That is Mr Wade's small make up of the working principle of laser cutting machine, want to know details, hotline: 13197170027
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