The working principle of glass cleaner

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-08
Glass cleaning machine working principle: glass cleaner after the transducer in the high frequency electric energy into mechanical energy, produces the high frequency vibration amplitude of tiny and spread to the cleaning slot in the solution, under the action of transducer, the interior of the cleaning fluid will continue to produce a large number of tiny air bubbles and instantaneous burst, the high temperature of each bubble burst will produce several baidu and nearly thousand atmospheric pressure of shock waves, thus the workpiece washed clean. Glass cleaning machine cleaning method: first, put flat glass after glass washing machine, glass into the scrubbing chamber, by roll by spraying water hair brush to wash, and then enter the washing room, flush with water, and then into the drying chamber stripping water film, thoroughly with special high pressure fan to dry, clean cleaning effect, this type of xinhe red glass cleaning machine, characteristic is to save electricity, but there is noise. Second, after scrubbing of room and washing room in the breeze, plus electric heat drying system, achieve dry, clean cleaning effect, characteristic is more power consumption and low noise.
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