The working principle of automatic profile cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-08
With the development of the society, the use of automatic profile cutting machine is more and more widely, as a professional fully automatic profile cutting machine company, we will take below together to understand the working principle of the automatic profile cutting machine 1, bedplate: adopt waterproof board. 2, rack/guide: using imported products, used in X, Y direction for high precision linear motion. 3, knife wheel: German, important cutting parts, install glass cutting head. 4, mesa: fill vent, floating of surface, use black felt pad. 5, tool post: pneumatic, adjustable head pressure, to adapt to the different thickness and strength of glass cutting, in order to achieve good cutting effect. 6, conveying equipment: air floating mesa, convenient mobile glass, reduce the workload of staff. 7, the transmission system: the ac servo system, the equipment, high efficiency and reliable performance, no deviation. 8, cutting knife: using air pressure, rotate 360 degrees of the cutting tools, cut up and down. Can cut any shape of the glass, the straight line, circle and abnormity, etc. , to ensure that the glass cutting and no any problem. 9, oil supply mode: automatic lubricating device, the oil pressure can be adjusted. 10, positioning device, mechanical positioning and laser scanning twofold positioning system ( Mechanical positioning by the positioning block is complete, can preliminary fixing the glass, laser scanning, can accurate scan out the location of the glass, glass in order to improve the cutting accuracy, both template scan) 。 Working principle of the automatic special-shaped cutter we introduce here, from the above for everybody, everyone knew it. We have a professional management team and advanced production equipment are powerful guarantees for us high quality products, welcome to my company on-the-spot investigation. !
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