The use of the rearview mirror glass cutting machine note _ _

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-07
In the use of the rearview mirror glass cutting machine note? How the right to use the rearview mirror glass cutting machine? Mr Wade engaged in this industry for many years, is an experienced manufacturer. Today, for everyone you use of the rearview mirror glass cutting machine is analysed. Rearview mirror glass cutting machine installation manufacturers since the mill have been carried out on five set of suction cups, and choose the thickness of the common sucker glue to keep the suction cup height together, therefore, generally don't to dissect sucker. If there is damage, chuck glue to choose the thickness of the common to replace. Special-shaped machine vacuum pump in use after a period of time, because the reason such as the water will present vacuum fall ( The suction down) Phenomenon, and therefore should pay attention to check and troubleshooting, otherwise, the machine under the condition of suction lack of work, on the one hand will affect the quality of grinding, on the other hand also present safety accident easily. Believe that through the above about everyone in the rearview mirror glass cutting machine use also have a certain understanding. That is Mr Wade summary about the rear view mirror glass cutting machine for you use the matters needing attention in detail, more information welcome to come to consult!
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