The use of the cutting machine in the clutch matters needing attention

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-21
Clutch is also the important component of the shaped glass cutting machine, in the process of the use of the clutch is also need to be pay attention to, the following will introduce shaped glass cutting machine clutch operation matters needing attention. 1, shaped glass cutting machine to avoid overload of the clutch operation: product selection as far as possible when the torque of 1. The safety factor of 5 to 2 times, overload use can cause the tooth surface damage or reduce service life. 2, shaped glass cutting machine clutch bearing related: generally USES the sealed bearing, free maintenance, a few parts need to be used according to the relationship between the environment, usually 1 to 6 months to maintain the appropriate supplementary grease. 3, shaped glass cutting machine clutch pulley, gear shaft end of the installation: pulley or gear radial force center to align internal two sets of bearing flange bearing center, excessive bias will affect the service life of the product. 4, shaped glass cutting machine clutch note: when installing on the axis of the shaft is installed on the clutch, as far as possible, use a special tool for hollow shaft pipe pressure, do not impact cylinder or other damageable parts. 5, clutch cylinder implications for rotary shaped glass cutting machine, cylinder and the piston part due to the interaction between the bearing and the involvement of rotary, with three slot or Z - 45 degrees M thread to fixed or stop. But to stop is just right, not because of external interference power make partial, oblique cylinder and don't work properly. Operating points for attention, after the installation is complete, we are going to test to see whether the machine can be used, in the process of installation should pay attention to safety.
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