The use of glass edge grinding machine note _ _

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-04
What should be noticed when using glass edge grinding machine? Glass edge grinding machine of the matters needing attention are those? Believe that there is a confused all of these. Mr Wade is a service in glass cutting machine, glass edging machine, glass washing machine industry of science and technology equipment manufacturing enterprises. Today, Mr Wade detailed introduction to the use of glass edge grinding machine for you attention, hope to be of help. Before and after the glass edge grinding machine guide joint to clamp and often come on lubrication, otherwise it will because the pressure plate and guide rail before and after operation of premature wear and affect the normal service life of the machine. Although some models have active lubrication equipment, affect grinding quality is too loose, too tight will make machine load increases, prone to quivering crawl phenomenon, also a brief clip when worn thin glass shards of glass. Clamping force tests are available to a larger piece of glass clip in the machine inspection, namely: the central glass clip in the machine, plate glass, the stop condition hard feeling clamping force transferred to the hands just can't carry as appropriate. Above, is Mr Wade to combat summary about the glass edge grinding machine use the matters needing attention in detail, everyone know? We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life and the general customers to come to consult relevant problems!
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