The theory of glass washing machine maintenance and repair

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-09
Glass washing machine is in the mirror, vacuum coating, tempered glass, hot bending, hollow glass pieces and deep processing procedure before to clean, dry glass surface processing of special equipment. Once requires high artificial prices to damage repair, so in our usual can through what method for maintenance and repair? One, the advantages of lubrication to prevent necrosis caused by excessive wear gear abrasion machine, cleaning machine must be properly lubricated. Clean with plastic sheets will need lubrication components and isolated area and prevent oil pollution. On the chain, gear, shaft roller chain lubrication with the combination of the chain plate surface. For drive chain and channel to make its lubrication. With a clean cotton cloth to wipe the redundant grease. Second, the transmitting roller table calibration by the drive shaft and the cleaning machine under lower roller gear transmission system, need to periodically check the bearing and the level of the horizontal and vertical. In view of the upper roller, we increase the fixed end block and measure the height change on a regular basis, the corresponding calibration or replacement bearings, to adjust the roller compaction strength. Three, mainly through the height adjustment for the disc brush washer entrance three rows of a total of 132 disc brush to clean the raw surface of the glass, add liquid polishing agent at the same time, to ensure that can effectively on the glass surface grinding, remove stubborn stains. To make effective rolling brush, brush on the glass surface as the disc brush wear, need regular brush plate height down, to ensure the quality of cleaning.
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