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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-17
Glass performance is good, can be applied to a variety of occasions. In the aspect of interior decoration can be used with hot melt glass, coloured drawing or pattern varied; The need to protect the personal safety of occasions suitable for toughened glass, laminated glass, safety glass; Need to adjust the brightness, might as well when privacy with frosted glass and dimming glass, convenient and durable. The composition and function of automatic glass cutting machine, main components, X, Y axis adopts ac servo motor and drive, the Z axis adopts stepper motor. Mesa adopts party in operation. Computer graphics design, can be introduced into CAD drawing. Equipment: can according to user requirements for straight line or abnormity graphic automatic cutting processing, also can be directly imported AUTOCAD graphics. Automatic glass cutting machine with computer operation, directly after good graphic design, by cutting software cutting directly. With functions of automatic filling and mesa blow to breathe in. Scope of application: photoelectric glass, arts and crafts, cosmetic mirror, daily necessities, glass, automotive rearview mirror lamp act the role ofing shaped glass cutting, etc. The characteristics of the automatic glass cutting machine, glass cutting production line, computer cutting machine, snapping on by machine, the lower table, assembly line adopt computer control, high degree of automation, maintenance is convenient. Domestic independent research and development of the cutting machine is reaching maturity, and the design, research and development, then slowly instead of foreign products. Eworld machinery are looking forward to your cooperation, about the glass cutting the opportunity to give you want to know all of the performance, you are welcome to call!
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