The special-shaped glass edge grinding machine of shallow maintenance way _ _

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-18
Nowadays, most of the glass factory will use shaped glass edge grinding machine to stop to glass processing, automatic glass edge grinding machine has become the main glass processing equipment, the equipment is different from the traditional edge grinding machine, not only partial automation, only need to output requirements processing parameters of glass, will soon be processing is completed, and a machine can be completed, including edge grinding, chamfering, polishing, multi-channel processes, products processing is one pace reachs the designated position. Capital, of course, such a device is not low, how to correct remaining and special-shaped glass edge grinding machine, extend the using life of it? Let's wade in detail for you: 1, cleaning, special-shaped glass edge grinding machine equipment, eliminate about consumption of sundry, best insist on a clear day. 2, and changing the circulating water in order to avoid glass powder infarction pumps and pipes. 3, special-shaped glass edge grinding machine of chain, gear, screw, etc. Stick to current smooth filling grease. 4, pause when using, should stick to the glass edge grinding machine of surroundings boring, make its not easy to rust, etc. 5, timely reflection of the machine can greaten, the activity parts clearance to insist on the accuracy of machined part. 6, with special-shaped glass edge grinding machining must pay attention to when a small piece of glass splint whether level off, make sure that the little turbulence in the glass.
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