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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-18
Glass Glass cutting machine cutting machine is specialized in Glass processing and cutting a processing machinery. Glass cutting machine including fore and aft permutation gas floating platform, build the overpass type cutting table. As improvements, build the overpass type cutting table in the beam of the frame length direction on the first and second straight beam and frame length under the direction of the first third straight beam and straight beam between the four 4 sets including several conveyor, belt wheel, motor shaft, glass conveying mechanism; Gas floating send table at the end of a length direction of the mesa with in the power control circuit of the motor, to control the motor open/close proximity switch, close to switch the top just below the mesa. As the further improvement, build the overpass type cutting table is on the flat beam and a second straight beam is to block the effect to the glass of two vertical shape rolling components, four turn rolling rectangular layout components. Break off the table with the other, it also has a manual type, and build the overpass type cutting table, the manual type to break off the table with fore and aft. This unit has the advantages of lower cost. As build semi-automatic cutting machine because of the size need to adjust cutting knife, now on the market is single cut more fully automatic CNC glass cutting machine, with numerical control center to control the walking track of cutting tool, can accurately fast cutting all kinds of flat glass. Abroad more market in China is confirmed, and Gladstone ( Bavaria lonnie) And so on, the more famous domestic is anhui silver, established companies such as the jing ling phaco. Processing organic glass laser cutting speed, high accuracy, positioning accuracy. To produce craft gifts, panel lens case, model toys, advertising light box signs display supplies, packaging, etc. (1) cutting effect is good: incision without fire, very smooth, shining, no sawtooth lines, can be a one-time 20 mm acrylic thickness (2) laser tube of good quality, long service life: good laser tube in MTK, not only stable performance, life is also very long ( About 8 ~ 14 months) , power 85 w, after-sales service (3) the machine performance: six months non-stop work 24 hours a day, Taiwan original guide rail, precise and durable (4) fast cutting speed, such as used to cut 3 mm thickness of acrylic sheets yue Ming laser industry application solutions compared with traditional mechanical cutting method, this new method has several important advantages. First of all, this is one step to complete, dry machining process. Smooth edge, does not require subsequent cleaning and polishing. And laser caused by the separation process of high strength, the edge of the natural temper, not tiny cracks. Using this method, to avoid the unexpected cracks and broken, and reduce the defect rate, increased the production. In the long run, the laser will lead to the separation technology in many glass replace the method of mechanical cutting applications. Recently, laser cutting has been shown in the following three applications of powerful technical advantages, they are: CRTS, flat-panel display, and the car's windshield cut, etc.
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