The requirements of production of glass edge grinding chamfering machine standard

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-01
For large glass processing enterprises, for the glass processing quality guarantee, in glass machinery and equipment configuration in will give preference to form a complete set of equipment, can also use the machinery itself configuration of mechanical parts. First of all, the first to know about the glass glass processing technology and process. General glass glass will experience cutting machine cutting, edge grinding machine edge grinding, polishing, cleaning machine, dry cleaning. Glass edge grinding is in the process of the raw glass processing after the second process, after cutting the glass edge is sharp barbs and uneven surface, extremely easy to cause harm. As a result, the glass edge grinding chamfering function for glass edge grinding, polishing, just meet the needs of glass processing. Glass processing industry, then, what kind of edge grinding machine on rigid standards and requirements? Look from the processing of interests, the benefit of the glass processing expression embodies in intelligent production, so the cost of intelligent manufacturing technology for pressing play a great help. Based on the intelligent artificial edge grinding machine, complete functions, advanced technology, on the basis of edge grinding machine also need to meet a few key points, to capture the favour of glass processing enterprises. 1, glass edge grinding chamfering machine diagonal positioning device, must be accurate and correct. Diagonal cylinder force sufficient to positioning device, famous brand is reliable, at the same time, reasonable structure, easy to adjust. Otherwise, the service life is short, adjustment difficulties, inaccurate positioning. 2, machinery spare parts used by the need to ensure good quality parts. Bevel gear transmission, The gear) Transmission, the gear in three directions of axial and radial force and normal force. Some manufacturers in order to save costs, with deep groove ball bearings, this is very wrong. Transport guide beam is a very important edge grinding machine accessories, glass machinery manufacturer to purchase conveying guide rail material need to understand how market development, quality, try to choose the best transport on market guide beam. Bad material conveying guide rail beam due to use of alternative or premature wear and tear, will directly affect the quality of the whole edge grinding machine, result in unable to handle the normal glass edge grinding. Observation plane type escort guide external conditions at the same time, choose rail straight without warping, damage the dawn phenomenon such as edge grinding machine. Select edge grinding machine need to be aware of the design of the track beam and bearing box is reasonable. Such as unreasonable, track beam bending and bending of guide rail, rail beam and rail bending beam will seriously in the opening closing bending, even never work to the drive shaft, enhance maintenance change difficult. Grinding wheel edge grinding machine is the necessary machinery spare parts, and the intensity of grinding wheel is the work of high parts, such as quality not guaranteed cause wear faster. The quality of the grinding wheel by the parts manufacturer production ability, and to choose the processing of raw materials quality decision. Accordingly, buy edge grinding machine also need to edge grinding machine grinding wheel to conduct a comprehensive understanding of brand, comprehensive selection for labeling equipments for processing enterprises. In general, the edge grinding machine processing stability and high efficiency can not only rely on imported machinery spare parts support, also can reject high price to import wheel and choose to use a combination of domestic products, is the most practical production plan. Finally, notice that motor board can't have left, right, front and back swing phenomenon. Otherwise it will cause the motor swinging, glass edge grinding and 磞 edge will not be able to process. 3, pay attention to use the same configuration of mechanical parts. USES the brand of the same model with the original machine machinery accessories for normal operation, to avoid change in different brand and different types of accessories and the effect of the processing effect is lower than the original edge grinding machine, and the glass edge grinding chamfering machine breakdown. Innovation may be the way out of the enterprise, but for the edge grinding machine, may be more suitable for old patterns of 'step-by-step' improve processing effect, so, do not recommend to replace the mechanical parts of the original machine configuration.
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