The reason of automatic special-shaped cutter stress spot

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-27
About the existence of glass stress spot will not affect the glass reflection effect, also won't affect the transmission effect of glass. Automatic glass cutting machine is all an optical properties of toughened glass can exist, automatic cutting machine is not mobile phone toughened glass film manufacturer in producing tempered glass wholesaler attack quality problem may be in the process of quality defects. But fully automatic glass cutting machine thought as a kind of safety glass, toughened glass has been more and more widely, the scope of its use people about the appearance of glass requirements is also more and more high. As large curtain wall use toughened glass stress in the existence of the spot will bring very bad influence to the appearance of the glass, will also affect the structure of the overall beautification effect, so people have stress spot to the attention of more and more strong. All transparent material can be divided into red isotropic material with the opposite sex. When light through the isotropic material, the speed of light in all directions, the emergent light with incident light without modification, annealing outstanding glass is belong to the isotropic material. When light through the various heterogeneous materials, the incident light will pay dividends two degrees at the speed of different and has different rays of his journey, emergent light changes with incident light attack, poor annealing glass include toughened glass belong to anisotropic materials. As long as there is stress in the plane direction of toughened glass spreading stress spot uneven phenomenon will attack. In addition, the appearance of glass reflection effect will let the reflection and transmission of all attacks will surely polarization effect, into the inside of the glass is actually with the polarization effect of light, it is the users of cell phone toughened membrane manufacturers wholesalers why will see the light and dark stripes perhaps markings. Causes of the automatic glass cutting machine stress spot for everyone is introduced here, in this welcome you choose our company at the same time. Looking forward to the general demand for a customer to come to discuss the development we will with high quality service for you provide the necessary protection.
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