The price of glass cleaner and the matters needing attention during cleaning

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-03
Glass cleaning machine dry processing function, can to glass products have very good protection effect. Because of its own has the function of the dry processing, in after cleaning the glass products instantly to dry processing, for glass and glass equipment, is very good. Cleaning degree is high. Even a very small part can also be cleaned clean, will not have any residual pollutants and dirt, the actual usage will not affect the glass products. 3, as a professional cleaning equipment, because it has a very good product quality, the cleaning strength is very big, can effectively remove the dirt, the glass products and glass equipment can keep the items in the clean clean state. 4, at the same time, glass washing machine also has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, low energy consumption. Glass cleaner is due to the button control, so must pay attention to the open air blower, first opened after the heater. After first pass heater, turn off the fan. This order we don't ever forget. Glass cleaning machine in the time to stop the motor must keep the speed regulator zero, or will be unnecessary trouble. ( 3) Glass cleaner glass feeding is regular, must be put in the specified limit. ( 4) Glass washing machine motor with a stop button, and can be used in emergency situations, usually don't touch. ( 5) Glass cleaning machine, when the glass thickness changes must adjust the wind blade height, or can cause unnecessary damage accidents. ( 6) Glass cleaner into the water when the water level control in 200 - Between 250 mm and not high, low adding water.
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