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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-11
As our country is gradually from the factory of the world to manufacturing across the world, the high speed development for more than a decade the growth rate of the key factors changed, the current situation of the glass machinery industry are: one is the demand of the total clear cut and demand to accelerate the upgrading of industrial structure, the second is high-end models into the industry's attention hot spot, the depth of the glass machinery industry transformation is imminent. Through the analysis, glass machinery industry in China after decades of continuous growth, start slowed in the second half of last year, GDP growth has slowed markedly. Tell from the industry structure, more than a decade ago, the center of gravity of the glass machinery industry is cheap equipment high growth rate, is now the center of gravity of the glass machinery industry high-end equipment, center of gravity change indicates the glass machinery industry has now on a new step. In the summary of glass machinery industry over the past ten years of achievements summarized as: one is the rapid growth in economic planning, until the last year as the world in our country, this is from small to large change; 2 it is in the equipment from the fundamental completed by cannot do cross, you can do from scratch development; 3 it is the general improvement in quality of the enterprise, at the same time emerge a batch with market competitiveness of enterprises. Glass machinery enterprises in the face of the current our country the status quo is, deep cuts in total demand, needs to accelerate industrial structure upgrade. As a result, our country glass edge grinding machine industry demand decreases, industry homogeneity competition aggravating.
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