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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-15
From time to time of science and technology, glass cutting machine has a huge potential and broad market prospect. The following is said to you about the maintenance and maintenance points. 1, before cutting glass cutting machine cutting machine on the beam of the clean fuel tank filled with kerosene or cut aid, adjustable Angle cutting tank again, that the sword box linoleum contains enough kerosene or cut aid. The sliding shaft under the vertical and horizontal beam corresponding protective cleaning maintenance also made before, during, and after use. 2, work to promote longeron, after place, again push bar, prevent collision attack each other. After the completion of the three, cutting glass, glass cutting machine to clean the desktop in time, wipe test equipment. Shall not be piled up weight, drops of water oil, such as liquid on the surface of the table, to prevent the deformation. Eworld equipment co. , LTD. Is a glass cutting machine manufacturers, the main business: automatic glass cutting machine, automatic labeling glass cutting machine, glass, glass scribing scribing machines, etc, we welcome your arrival. The above content is derived from the Eworld equipment's official website: WWW. lydesignglass。 com
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