The glass edge grinding machine of shallow security steps _ _

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-17
Mr Wade to the glass edge grinding machine operation process of shallow peace rules: (before 1, glass edge grinding machine operation 1) Edge grinding operating personnel before coming off work necessary to wear protective equipment, it is necessary to wear gloves, wear rubber. When grinding large pieces of glass, it is necessary to good Christmas cap. Carefully read consumption duty list. ( 2) Semi-finished products, need to carefully before processing the reinspection, avoid process error in goes on, and check the glass appearance quality, avoid scratches and grinding cannot eliminate the scales, such as lack of Angle. ( 3) Can check, the glass should be aware of semi-finished products processing, such as crack, cannot stop edge grinding process, to avoid damage to the equipment and personnel. 2, glass edge grinding machine operation: grinding, grinding, it is necessary to average force can't be too fierce, to prevent wear and glass. 3, after the glass edge grinding machine operation: after the edge grinding of glass, particularly severe fine glass stacked to demand it necessary to add block of paper. 4, before going to work: before going to work in a timely manner collected box, check the water and electricity switch is closed, after cleaning area health, can work. Other, need to get to the glass edge grinding machine maintenance work every day, every day deal with grinding wheel to stop check, adjustment and calibration. Circulating water should be clean, circular tube to dredge, it is necessary to change water do frequently. Machine a day after start-up and shut-down, operators have to do routine check, order contents include grinding wheel is loose, the wear level, circulating water is clean and so on. When the grinding is not the same as the thickness of the glass, it is necessary to try to stop grinding.
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