The generation and development of glass cutting technology

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-13
Glass cutting machine technology is the use of glass in a certain temperature range has the characteristics of plasticity, use hollow iron picked out from the furnace glass, blowing one at one end, on the other side of the glass material that was blown into a ball. At this time can use scissors, mold and other tools to shape. Blowing operation usually need several people cooperation to complete. As one of the oldest and most basic glass manufacturing technology, blowing technology of American art in the 1960 s a new flutter in the home, become the most eye-catching areas, on the discussion of the technology and mining even hindered the invention and development of other technologies. Ma wen, belsky ( marvinlipofsky) And dell, hooley ( dalechihuli) Not only over the period of blowing technology, and always taking it as the main technique. Dale, hooley is one of the important characters of modern American glass art. In 1941, he was born in Washington in the United States, was once a little students in Leiden. His work conception is pure and fresh, easy to make the person produces figurative associations. Size is rather large works of downy curve, gorgeous color, change in subtle form, glass cutting machine. As if the breeze is blowing to form change, which makes the glass in the cold, hard automatic glass cutting machine features no longer been seen, just show it glittering and translucent, transparent side. Through the transparency of glass to display the works of contemporary feeling, he will be blowing technology to a higher level. The uniqueness of odd hooley also lies in his works. In 1976, because of his one eye blindness in the accident, he lost the foreman's job, but he didn't give up, still blowing technology to complete his creation. Leadership in his studio in Seattle to compose, 8 to 10 people by his guidance, automatic glass cutting machine, proposals, grasp their work style. A lot of people is through the cooperation with dell, accumulated experience, several years later became an independent artist. Hooley and his creative team is irreplaceable in the studio glass movement in the United States. Create the miracle of the glass here, as well as the workings of a 'understanding of how people, to make glass had a great effect. Glass cutting machine, Sonia broad reach ( soniablomdahl) The film by using blown vessels not only has the function of actual full, shaped glass cutting machine but also her heart. It combines two kinds of color the ball into the process of art. Although blowing technique can reflect personality, but to a large extent rely on occasional glass cutting machine, limitations are also obvious.
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