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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-20
Glass cutting machine equipment and automation can reduce consumption of manual labor, increase production efficiency and quality, ensure production safety, strengthen the key competitiveness of enterprise in the market, and inject new vitality to the development of many industries. Relevant personnel also need to further strengthen the study, to the intelligent automation equipment and machinery manufacturing, templates, greening, digital direction development, provide a steady stream of energy for the society and economic development, as well as glass machinery and equipment under the background of application of electronic information technology, the following aspects should be paid attention to the characteristics of the intelligent 1: intelligent glass is the inevitable development trend of automation equipment and machinery manufacturing. Intelligence is using advanced computer technology to simulate the human brain, optimize the mechanical equipment and improve, for mechanical equipment increases judgment and thinking ability. Intelligent fully embodies the man-machine integration, improve the degree of human interaction, thereby increasing the production efficiency. Involved in glass design automation machinery manufacturing equipment and process, the need to study positive psychology, behavior science, operational research, academic knowledge, and many other areas of simulate human thinking mode, ensure that products can have the ability of independent thinking and decision-making, to achieve the desired objectives. 2 green at present, China is actively implementing the strategy of sustainable development, the requirements of contemporary development does not damage the interests of future generations. In the development of glass machinery equipment and automation at the same time, also want to into the concept of sustainable development, improve the degree of green glass machinery manufacturing equipment. In the past, glass machinery manufacturing equipment caused serious damage to the environment, because people are less attention to it. Therefore, the future development of glass machinery equipment and automation will strengthen the protection of ecological environment, pay attention to coordinate the contradiction between environment and development.
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