The features and functionality of the glass edge grinding machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-03
Glass edge grinding machine is mainly suitable for furniture glass and architectural glass and process glass processing, deep processing of glass machinery equipment is produced in one of the earlier and larger amount of cold working equipment. Mainly used for ordinary flat glass bottom edge grinding and chamfering, polishing. Generally have a manual, digital control and the PLC computer control, configuration. Reasonable operation, daily cleaning lubrication and maintenance, can guarantee the machine working normally, prolong mechanical life, improve the processing and production. The characteristics of the glass edge grinding machine has 3: it is a single purpose, only grinding all kinds of straight edge; The second is the continuous grinding, high production efficiency; Three is a bigger flat glass can be grinding size. Glass edge grinding machine installation need to keep the ground flat, after installation to ensure that every Angle of the machine level, otherwise it will affect the effect of the processing. Ensure correct contact, such as foreign special industrial voltage 415 v / 50 hz, 220 v / 50 hz, 220/60 hz, if electric error, may lead to the edge grinding machine motor or electric box electrical burn ( In some countries factories without leakage protection switch) 。 Glass edge grinding machine is working in the water under the condition of electricity, customers according to their processing capacity to determine the ground water tank water supply plant configuration is sufficient. Glass edge grinding machine is mainly include: glass straight line edge grinding machine ( Glass straight edge machine) , glass straight line beveling machine ( Glass beveling machine) Machine, glass straight line round side ( Round edge machine) And glass abnormity edge grinding machine. 1, straight edge machine used for processing the lower side of the plate and the edges and corners of grinding and polishing. 2, beveling machine is mainly used for machining flat glass straight-line bevel edge and bottom edge. 3, round edge machine for grinding flat glass straight-line round edge, the duck mouth, etc. 4, glass abnormity edge grinding machine for grinding of circular and some special shape plate glass.
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