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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-24
Glass cutting machine has been widely we use in manufacturing, but few understand its development course. According to the records of the technology is the use of glass in a certain temperature range has the characteristics of plasticity, the use of hollow iron picked out from the furnace glass, blowing one on one side, on the other side of the glass material that was blown into a ball. At this moment can be plasticized by mold tool. This operation is usually need several people cooperation to complete. As an ancient, the original glass cutting machine manufacturing technology, blowing technology in the middle of the 20th century American art new flutter in the home, became a conspicuous areas, discusses for the technology and mining even hindered the invention and development of other technologies. Ma wen, belsky ( marvinlipofsky) And dell, hooley ( dalechihuli) Not only over the period of blowing technology, and always taking it as the main technique. Dale, hooley is one of the important characters of modern American glass art. Eworld glass cutting machine equipment co. , LTD. Is engaged in glass cutting machine, automatic cutting machine, automatic labeling glass cutting machine of glass cutting machine manufacturers. Welcome to inquire! Manager li: more than 13849980561 content from Eworld glass cutter's official website: WWW. lydesignglass。 com
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