The development of glass cutting machine and the development of optical instruments is inseparable

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-19
The development of glass cutting machine and the development of optical instruments is inseparable. Often to the optical glass optical system is a new reform puts forward new requirements, thus promote the development of the optical glass, also, new varieties of glass successfully trial-produced also tend to, in turn, promote the development of optical instruments. Has been used to make the earliest optical components of optical material is natural crystal, is said to be ancient and with crystal lens, Celia while in ancient China application of natural tourmaline ( Yellow coloured glass) And yellow crystal. Proving that three thousand years ago in Egypt and we ( The warring states period) People have been able to manufacture the glass. But the glass as lenses and mirrors or 13th century began in Venice. Engels' natural dialectics 'it has given a high evaluation, think this is one of the great invention at the time. Then with the need of astronomers and the development of maritime navigation, such as Galileo, Newton and Descartes also made the telescope and microscope with glass. From the beginning of the 16th century glass has become the main material of manufacturing optical components. The optical system of achromatic become the central issue of optical instruments. At this time due to the improved glass composition, the introduction of lead oxide in the glass, hull to cancel in 1729 won the first lens color, from then on, optical glass is divided into two kinds of crown and flint glass.
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