The details of glass cutting machine structure is very important

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-17
1, glass cutting machine is not suitable for all decorate a design, usually in the family is small, and the position of the original door hindered the local design can use glass door, such as home TV setting wall is too short. 2, when the door too many in the home, can affect the overall visual effect when using glass door, overall increase is not the same design elements for the bedroom. 3, large family don't use a wide range of glass door, so it will cause the reverse of the gild the lily effect, can be in local place for HuYingShi glass door design, to achieve the effect of symmetry. 4, glass cutting machine structure is very important, the details of the glass door? There are two main types, one is the sliding door, the other is a flat open, create invisible hand, whether the sliding door design frame how to deal with. Flat door is installed in the medial handles, hinges are invisible, whether to install reset device, whether has the function of positioning, etc. , these need good planning before installation. 5, score type glass door is not in the body surface and the surrounding background wall surface to do too much in the frontal geometry line, modelling design, because the open border hidden glass door itself is not easy, if there are too many design will increase the difficulty of the contact. 6, with the line that play a base on the wall for glass door, must pay attention to the body parts of a play crural line, the line that play a base part is not installed or installed will affect beautiful, this need to properly handle. The thickness of the glass machining processing, and processing speed, limited processing speed with three elements, the thickness of the glass, the material of the thermal expansion coefficient, and the output power of glass machinery. Linear processing, speed of 0. 5 m/s. In contrast, hard metal wheel processing the same glass of the same thickness speed can reach 1. 5 m/s. However, even in pay attention to the use of speed, the difference will be glass machining efficiency and quality advantages brought by the compensation. Together, we all believe that further processing process optimization and choose a higher power output of glass machinery for processing will be easy to speed up processing by two to three times.
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