The cooling process of automatic glass cutting machine is outlined

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-30
Automatic glass cutting machine to manufacture, mainly on the coated with paint pigments, and the image besmear is on glass surface at room temperature. Some fixed by heating, others did not. The process can also be combined with gold and silver into molten metal paint, known as gold. Glaze is a need to add color to the glass surface temperature to make the image of glazing paint technology, and then place it in furnace heating fixed pigment to avoid peeling off. Mosaic of lead frame glass cutting board of thousands of pieces of the combination of technology, draw a small demand plan, according to the scheme to make sketches, such as to determine the shape and dimension of the scale of the each color, accurate cutting glass, block welded into a mirror. Engraving is not heat cold, use sanding and polishing technology, engraved on the glass, the board or drum machine in tissue or pressed into print water paper printing colorful graphics. King kong grinding stone or metal sculptures, carved or carve pen painting decoration image plan technology in the lines on the surface of the glass, use different things can be divided into circular, stippling, technology and other types of flat. Automatic glass cutting machine graphics foil etching, lines on the glass, and chemical etching selection in the form of a different color of acid; Tape to fill all the work at the beginning of a list of gush arenaceous glass, knife to remove some unnecessary plating carved images, in glass cutting machine, high injection force, make the effect of fog on the glass of automatic glass cutting machine. Automatic glass cutting machine grinding wheel grinding rotary table, the mixed water and silicon carbide, glass polishing work plane. Plane wheel rolling channels, as its on glass, grinding plane everbright tabletop, boiling heat glue will work, using the characteristics of glass heated to melt the surface brightness; Stick to the glass block, it will be adhesive glue into shape; With glass and other materials to create mixed media.
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