The classification of the laser cutting machine control system

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-01
Control system for laser cutting machine of the brain is one of the most important part of the laser processing machine, the effect is a graphic image file of the user design through a series of processing, eventually become a drive motor and the laser control instruction, so as to complete complex processing. Its performance is the main indicators of a laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine control system based on the structure of existing mainly divided into two categories: the classification of the laser cutting machine control system ( 1) Open control system based on PC. The system USES PC as a processing platform, using the parallel port or PCI methods such as the output control signal to the laser cutting machine tools. Its biggest advantage is that you can more easily with the help of PC hardware and software resources, system implementation, development cycle is short, but the implementation of machine tools in this way can't independence from the PC running, the high cost. ( 2) With the single chip processor as the core in combination with the PC. With the rapid improvement in SCM processing performance, the use of a microcontroller as the core digital processor, the laser cutting machine control system of the PC to work together. But single chip computer operation ability is limited, in the process of machining operation still need a PC to cooperate to complete, limits its application, microcontroller itself does not have high speed communication port, transport a large number of laser data needs to be a long time.
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