The choose and buy of shaped glass cutting machine necessary course

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-25
Shaped glass cutting machine development influenced by similar foreign products, led to the cutting machine on the market, the phenomenon of the completely copy or partly mimic. Lead to this phenomenon is not optimistic is another important factor of glass machinery research and development cost is too huge, and money does not necessarily to get feedback. And domestic machinery production and there is no uniform standard, technical parameters of the cutter and cutting parameters are made by the designer according to the common needs of most of the glass processing factory set. Therefore, glass cutting machine cutting range are conform to the parameters of the masses, and accurate class of cutting machine is usually tailored according to the actual needs. Also because of the different manufacturer of mechanical design reference parameters are different, result in cutting machine was not just brand difference, also have differences in the quality of machinery. At the same time, along with the ascension of labor costs, venue rental, facing the production of glass deep processing enterprises feel pressure fixed costs increase. So, open source throttling is extremely important. Glass processing enterprises mainly rely on more orders, increase production to boost profits, if the cost of the largest is the mechanical activity. So, in the choice of mechanical equipment, you need to control the low purchase price high quality glass cutting machine. For machining, the enterprise is more focused on cutting machine's work efficiency, it can help for future production. But the cutting machine can not only from the perspective of the budget and equipment quality of choose and buy, the preferred should refer to the hardware conditions are the existing site. 1. Before the choose and buy: first, clear the purchase amount of budget and cutting machine, you then need to clear cutting glass type and cutting requirements, finally need to be decorated clear cutting machine the size of the venue, Conventional glass cutting machine a line about 18 m in length, width about 3. 5米) 。 In addition, it has bought cutting machine processing enterprises can be based on past mechanical and processing effect is taken into account to choose brand. For not bought cutting enterprise, ahead of market research and understanding of the cutting machine manufacturer is essential. Both need to understand the background, the strength, the production cutting machine type, parameters, etc. , also need to be briefed on the market layout, customer feedback, etc. Do 'common-sense' after comparing several, can find more conform to the actual demand of glass cutting machine. 2. When the choose and buy: to understand the overall structure of the cutting machine, the structure of the composition of the components of origin and quality situation; Then need to cutting simulation of the mechanical equipment shall be selected to simulate the cutting glass to cut glass size and thickness and types of testing, it can more intuitively know the cutting machine is in line with the requirements of choose and buy.
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