The characteristics and advantages of glass cutting machine introduction news _ _

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-18
Glass fiber laser cutting machine is today's cutting-edge, combined with our own design of gantry CNC machine system, the high strength the overall welding fuselage, after high temperature annealing, large CNC gantry milling machine precision machining; Has the very good rigidity and stability, with precision ball screw, linear guide transmission operation. High precision, high speed mainly for 3 mm the following rapid precision sheet metal cutting, glass cutting machine with high beam quality, high brightness, high conversion rate, free maintenance, stable and reliable and low operating costs and a series of advantages such as small volume, lasing without gas, air auxiliary cutting are by far the most elected to laser cutting, especially suitable for the stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, titanium metal materials such as the precision cutting, widely used in metal products, metal products, precision machinery, auto parts, electronics, toys, glasses, jewelry, nameplates, advertising and other industries. The characteristics of glass cutting machine 1, good beam quality, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, good reliability and long-term stability, processing speed, high efficiency, better economy benefit, small slot, cutting surface smooth; 2, the focal length to follow design, even if the material surface is not flat still can ensure the cutting quality. Is not affected by the shape of the workpiece, laser processing flexibility, can be processing any graphics, can cut pipes and other profiles; 3, high cutting precision, suitable for all kinds of precision parts and machine panel cutting, punching and cutting various metal words, decorative pattern and so on; 4, saving investment, on the computer to draw any laser processing can be carried out on the image, do not need to die, no mould cost, do not need to repair the mould, mould replacement time saving, so as to save the processing cost, reduces the cost of production, especially suitable for large products processing; 5, save material: using a computer programming, glass cutting machine can take different shapes of products to the whole suit cut piece of plate material, to improve the utilization rate of material.
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