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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-20
Glass is widely used in industry and construction industry, the production and application of automatic glass cutting machine was known by the consumers choose and buy. Small make up just under the simple for everyone to spread its basic structure. It is divided into: first of all, the mechanical structure. Machine by X, Y axis movement. Due to the length of the blade has certain, glass itself is a kind of brittle material, easy to produce cracks in the process of cutting. So at work, to ensure that the direction of the automatic glass cutting machine blade and cutting the tangent direction of the software. In order to improve the machining quality and efficiency of cutting cutting, in some cases, the direction of the blade is not consistent with cut cut the tangent of the trajectory. Second, the control structure. Automatic glass cutting machine technology system structure is mainly divided into two parts: the part is PC, the other part is the controller. PC graphics file's main function is to extract some information. In a certain sequence, after optimized graphic combination, according to certain format send fear to control. Controller will receive the information comprehension, according to the order of repair operations, and to the corresponding information to the motion control card.
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