The automatic glass cutting machine operation of the note

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-22
The automatic glass cutting machine operation of the note. 1, not charged parallel cable plug connected to a computer, not charged any plug control card and other hardware devices, computer or automatic automatic glass cutting machine shell can ground to ensure safety and to prevent interference, when the machine doesn't work, please turn off the power supply in time, please unplug the power plug when not in use for a long time. 2, open the power supply for back to zero, and then manually try various functions, including cutting oil, air pressure is normal for wear of the cutting tools cannot be used. 3, make sure when loading the figure figure within the scope of cutting load. 4, cutting to check shi before cutting the glass appearance cannot have white spots and scratched phenomenon. 5, click on the start cutting to ensure y next to no one. 6, such as cutting after operation in the perform other non stop. 7, after the cut to timely cleaning the mesa, prevent glass scratch the table. Along with the rising cost of labor, especially for product accuracy requirements from the customers is more and more strict, enterprises are increasingly demanding for efficiency, with the result of optimization software diagram manually cut glass, will gradually and inevitably replaced by a glass cutting machine, now the trend has shifted away from the large glass processing enterprise slowly to the doors and Windows manufacturing extension of medium-sized enterprises and some big.
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